Sunday, May 23, 2010

BRUCEPLOITATION Fights Back From the Grave!

Kind of...sorta...not really...maybe...I don't know.  I first started the Bruceploitation website years ago, so many years ago it was back when Geocities was still kind of neat.  Geocities pretty much got left in the online dust and eventually was taken over by Yahoo which recently shut it down completely.  After nearly 10 years online Bruceploitation was history.  I'd really like to get the website back up, but that would require a lot of know-how of which I have none and a lot of work of which I dislike.  This blog is just a test to see if I can manage to get stuff up and online on somewhat regular schedule, unlike the one update per year Bruceploitation was getting.  If I can pull this off some how maybe I'll get the original website back and running because I know the fans really miss it, all five of you.  Thanks guys.

As for content I still have several movies to review that never quite made it up on Bruceploitation as well as some DVD reviews, toy reviews, and nonsensical rants in general.  Hope you enjoy them.

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