Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DYNAMITE (magazine review)

After Bruce Lee died his star status continued to climb, eventually landing him on the cover of the classic kid's magazine Dynamite with issue #17 in November of 1975.  Today kids can find information on their idols almost instantly with the help of the internet, but back then it was probably a little more difficult.  Yes, it's a kid's magazine, but kids probably ate it up.

The article called, BRUCE LEE LIVES! is pretty short at only three pages, well two pages if you don't count the pictures.  It goes through the basics of Bruce's story from a kung fu crazy teenager up until his death.  It even talks about how some people think he's still alive and others believe his was killed because he was giving away kung fu secrets.  A basic article that probably couldn't be more that a couple pages anyway, but I imagine it entertained plenty of kids  when it came out. 

There is also another story titled THE MANY STATES OF KUNG FU-SION.  It talks about different styles of martial arts such as kung fu, karate, jujitsu, judo as well as the spirit of martial arts.  Martial arts aren't for beating people up and the stuff you see in movies isn't real, but it's a way to excercise your mind and body.  One thing's for sure, it's a healthy way to get your kicks!  I actually stole that last thing from the article.

If articles on Bruce Lee and the martial arts aren't enough for you there is also an article on Archie, joke about grapes, dogs dressed in funny clothes, a Terry Bradshaw article, Green Goblin facts and more!  Also be sure to check out next month's issue with free stickers!  Wow, I should look into getting a subscription.

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I can't even remember where I bought this magazine or why I bought it considering the cover is such horrible shape.  Stupid punk kid drawing all over the cover of his Dynamite magazine.  I hope someone gave him a wedgie!  I'm pretty I was at some collectible/comic/record/flea market/etc thing and couldn't find anything except this magazine.  Since I had gone all the way there I felt that I should at least buy something and this was the only thing that appealed to me just because Bruce Lee was on the cover.  He still looks cool!